PTCMFR – Peachtree City Myofascial Release – Uncover the root cause of pain and tension


Every time your body is injured, your fascia tightens down to protect and defend. Sometimes that tightness interrupts the normal healing process and, if it's never addressed, creates chronic tension and pain. Gentle MFR softens the tightness, thereby eliminating the crushing pressure and restoring flexibility.


As we age, painful or tight areas seem to crop up more readily than when we're young. If you suffer from stiffness, neck tension, poor posture, or nagging back pain, chances are your fascial system is restricted and dehydrated. MFR can eliminate pain, improve your posture and fight aging from the inside out!

Athletic Performance

People who frequently push their bodies' limits greatly benefit from myofascial release! MFR helps to prevent injury, improve flexibility and enhance performance. Fascial fitness will give you an edge and keep you at the top of your game!

Chronic Pain

Many people deal with chronic pain or tension to the point where it just becomes a way of life. Has your doctor told you there's nothing else you can do besides take pain medication? You don't have to give up hope. Get your life back with MFR!