What is MFR? – PTCMFR – Peachtree City Myofascial Release

If you've tried massage therapy, acupuncture,
or chiropractic care without long-term results,
it's time to try myofascial release.

What is myofascial release?

MFR is a gentle therapy in which a skilled therapist applies sustained pressure into areas of tightness or pain. This pressure, along with the warmth and energy supplied by the therapist's hands, slowly "melts" fascial restrictions, softening the tissue and eliminating pressure. It takes several minutes to achieve a true release in the fascial web, and it often feels like taffy slowly stretching or butter melting.

Because fascia is a connected, full-body system, MFR can positively affect many areas even when applied to only a few spots. Each session may be a little different from the last, depending on what the client is experiencing and what the therapist can visually see and feel.